Chromeo is the iconic duo of Montreal natives and high school best friends Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) and P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel).

The group rose to prominence with their seminal 2007 release Fancy Footwork, heralding the dawn of the ‘80s electro-funk revival. In April 2018 the legendary funk duo unveiled “Must’ve Been” featuring multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated singer, DRAM, and guitarist, Jesse Johnson (Prince, The Time). The track is the latest single from their highly anticipated forthcoming album, Head Over Heels, set for release June 15 on Last Gang Records in Canada.

The album, recorded over the past two years at Chromeo’s Los Angeles studio, is the group’s most collaborative to date. Bridging generations and sub-genres like only the Funklordz could, it features guest vocals from The-Dream, Stefflon Don, French Montana and Amber Mark, among others, plus musical contributions from neo-soul legend Raphael Saadiq, 2000s R&B mastermind Rodney Jerkins, D’Angelo collaborator Pino Palladino, NY’s Onyx Collective, members of Mtume and Toto and more. Far reaching and expansive, Head Over Heels is Dave 1 and P-Thugg’s heartfelt love letter to the funk, soul and R&B that influenced them since their teenage years.

Must’ve Been sees Chromeo effortlessly moving toward more of a live sound, packed with signature guitars, synth swells, gospel flourishes and a surprising performance from DRAM. It follows “Juice”, which The Guardian calls “a jaunty, electro-funk mega-banger,” and “Bedroom Calling” featuring The-Dream, which Billboard lauds “quite honestly one of the best Chromeo songs we’ve heard in years.”



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