A mosaic of emotive piano keys, physical percussion, buzzing analog synths, and expansive vocals, Rhye find humanity in musicality.

Driven by this approach, the group quietly transformed into a phenomenon with the arrival of their 2013 debut, Woman. The record garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone, Spin, and Pitchfork who dubbed it “Best New Album.” “Open” would concurrently accumulate over 41.6 million Spotify streams, while “The Fall” surpassed 22.8 million. Along the way, they sold out theaters around the globe between standout festival sets at Coachella, Pitchfork, and a highlight concert in Denmark accompanied by a 49-piece all-girls choir. As the band began writing in 2016, this expansive live show indelibly impacted their second full-length album in 2017. The first single “Please” siphons a gorgeous vocal plea through a kaleidoscope of sparse percussion and piano that’s simultaneously stirring, stark, and sensual. It’s a new musical experience. It’s Rhye.



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