Congrats on Extraterrestrial!

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By Ben

On Sep 03, 2014

Congrats to The Vicious Bros. on the release of their film, “Extraterrestrial” featuring 3 songs from the Last Gang catalogue. Terrifying moviemakers with great musical taste! Congrats to music supervisor Sean Mulligan and Rock Steady on pulling it all together.

Check the trailer below & keep watching the skies!

 photo Extraterrestrial_zps59104dde.jpg

Extraterrestrial stars Brittany Allen (The Rocker), Freddie Stroma (the Harry Potter franchise), Jesse Moss (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil), Anja Savcic (I Love You, Beth Cooper), Melanie Papalia (Smiley), and Gil Bellows (The Shawshank Redemption, Ally McBeal).

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