Harrison shares new video for “Right Hook” via The Fader

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By Greg

On Mar 10, 2017

Following the release of his debut album Checkpoint Titanium in September 2016, Toronto producer Harrison is back to share a new video for the album’s fourth song: Right Hook. Premiering via The Fader, the video was directed by Eva Michon, and produced with the assistance of MuchFACT. The video takes us through a day in the life of a female protagonist — from a morning jog, to teaching a piano lesson, and ultimately to the club. Watch the video here.

“The video for Right Hook is an exploration of visual time-keeping,” Eva explains. “I am always mesmerized when the beat of a song I’m listening to on headphones synchronizes with movement in the real world. The ponytail of a jogger or a dancer is one of the greatest things to watch, and was the initial inspiration and jumping-off point for the video concept.”

On the inspiration behind the track itself, Harrison says, “When I was making Right Hook, I couldn’t fight the feeling that the bass made me want to bounce a bit. That feeling was also met with the thought of wanting to sock someone in the face, hence the name.”

In addition to the new video, Harrison’s Checkpoint Titanium was recently nominated for Electronic Album Of The Year at the 2017 JUNO Awards (which will take place on April 2nd in Ottawa). Harrison will be performing at JUNO Fest, held the day before the awards ceremony. This Summer he will be playing at two major festivals, including Osheaga in Montreal, and Field Trip in Toronto.

Watch the new video for Right Hook, see below for performance dates, and stay tuned for updates from Harrison.

Upcoming Performances:
Apr 1 – Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebrox (JUNO Fest)
Jun 3-4 – Toronto, ON @ Field Trip Festival
Aug 4-6 – Montreal, QC @ Osheaga Festival

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