Operators release “Control” & begin EU tour

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By Greg

On Oct 06, 2016

Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Divine Fits) has been busy with his band Operators. Since the release of their debut album, Blue Wave, via Last Gang Records on April 1st, the band has been touring in between his dates with Wolf Parade. This fall, Boeckner is bringing Operators to Europe for an extensive tour run, which will see a return to many beloved eastern European cities he hasn’t been to since Handsome Furs.

The latest offering from Blue Wave is “Control” (Single), out October 7th:

“Control” (Single) – Track listing:
1. Control
2. Control (Odonis Odonis Remix)
3. System Of Touch
4. I Die

LISTEN: Operators – ‘Control’ –
iTunes | Spotify | Google Play Music
Order ‘Blue Wave’ on WHITE vinyl: LG Shop

9/27 – Bikezone Bade – Baden, Switzerland
9/28 – Le Romandie – Lausanne, Switzerland
9/30 – Club Control – Bucharest, Romania
10/02 – Durer Kert – Budapest, Hungary
10/03 – B72 – Vienna, Austria
10/04 – Klub RE – Krakow, Poland
10/05 – Cafe Kulturalna – Warsaw, Poland
10/06 – Fleda – Brno, Czech Republic
10/07 – Meet Factory – Prague, Czech Republic
10/08 – Kino Siska – Ljubijana, Slovenia
10/12 – Atlas – Aarhus, Denmark
10/13 – Loppen – Copenhagen, Denmark
10/14 – Westgermany – Berlin, Germany
10/16 – MOD @ Autumns Falls Festival – Hasselt, Belgium
10/17 – Pop Up Du Label – Paris, France
10/18 – The Lexington – London, UK
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